Stripe ACH now available in uCollect

We are pleased to announce that our Stripe integration now supports ACH Bank Account Debits for US users.

If you have a US-based Stripe account you do not need to do anything extra in Stripe to activate this option. But in uCollect you need to install the Stripe ACH gateway, which is separate from the Stripe Credit Card gateway.

There are a couple of nuances to the Stripe ACH operation that you need to know:

  • Your customer must verify their bank account. When they (or you) set up their bank account Stripe will make two small deposits into their account of a few cents each. We will send them an email so that they can respond once these show up (can take a couple of days). Once they have submitted these two amounts back to us Stripe will verify the account and make it available. We can’t process any payments until the account has been verified.
  • If your customer fails to verify their account within 14 days we will cancel the process and they will have to start it again.
  • Stripe ACH is not available for Pay Now one-off transactions.
  • Stripes fees are 0.8% per transaction, with a cap of $5. It’s great for casual payments, but gets expensive if you’re doing lots – get cheaper rates with no account verification with our Forte integration
  • Our “Calculate Commission on Settlement” feature currently does not allow for the $5 fee cap.
  • Stripe ACH is only available within the US to US account holders.

See our full Stripe ACH help page for more details.