Unbalanced ABA file

Most Australian banks want a balanced ABA file for their Direct Debits. But Westpac is an exception – they demand an unbalanced file. We now support the unbalanced ABA file format for Westpac (and anyone else that like’s deviating from the norm). Just choose the “Australian ABA File – unbalanced” gateway option.

Setup under the wrong one? No worries, mate! Just contact support and we can get it switched for you!


Filter your collections

When we designed uCollect we made it a “set and forget” system where once you setup a customer for automatic collection we would attempt to collect ALL invoices for that customer. You couldn’t pick and choose which invoices to be collected. But lately we’ve got feedback that our users want to collect some invoices automatically and not others. Frankly – we just don’t understand that – once you’ve got a customer used to the idea that you’re going to take the funds from their account why not just go all the way and do it for every invoice? Hut hey, we’re not every business! Different strokes for different folk, as they say.

So now, you can create “filters” that tell uCollect which invoices to collect. You do this by specifying a criteria, such as account number, amount, Xero Branding Theme, Invoice number or reference prefix or QBO custom field value. Once set, invoices that don’t meet the filter criteria will be ignored.

Check out our support article for all the details – or type “filters” in the help beacon on the side of the page.

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