Improvements to Email Deliverability

As any Software As A Service provider will tell you, email deliverability is a huge problem.  Because we send the same email text to many people our messages frequently get classified as SPAM.  This usually gets better once the user has sent us an email as their email system recognizes that they are a trusted contact, but it’s still an annoying problem.  This is even worse when we send messages to your customers on your behalf for invitations or failure notifications.

We have been working on this for the last few months and in our latest update we have taken steps to improve our email deliverability.

Messages that we send to your customers (invitation and payment failure notices) can now be sent directly from your own email account (not via our server or account) through your Google or Outlook account, or by using your SMTP settings.  This means that the message comes direct from you, and all replies go to you, with none of the third-party sender flags that can cause SPAM scores to rise.  You can set this up in the Email Configuration section of the Edit, Organisation Settings page.  Simply choose the method you want, authorise Google or Outlook, or enter your SMTP Settings and you’re done!

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