Partner Programme

Many small businesses are introduced to cloud accounting by their accountants, bookkeepers or web integrators.  It’s been an important sales channel for most cloud accounting systems for years.  We recognise that accountants and bookkeepers have a vested interest in helping their clients use cloud technologies well and improve their cash flow.  So we have create a partner programme that allows accountants, bookkeepers, integrators and anyone else making referrals to benefit both themselves and their clients by recommending uCollect.

Partners receive a dedicated referral code.  They can use this themselves, or give it to their clients for their clients to set up their own accounts and receive the benefits.  The Referral Partners programme has the following benefits:

  • 10% Commission which may be shared with your customers (you can pass this on as a 10% discount or split it 5%/5% with them)
  • Your clients receive an additional month in their free trial
  • You can take advantage of our partner billing programme (where you pay the bill for the client – this is optional – if your client pays their own subscription you still receive the commission)

For more information on the Partner Programme please check out the dedicated web page.

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