Partner/Referral Programme

If you regularly recommend or provide cloud solutions to your clients then our Partner Programme is designed just for you.

10% Commission

Get a 10% commission on every account – forever. Feeling generous? You can choose to split the commission with your customer or give the whole amount to them as a discount.

Extra Trial Period

Your clients get an extra 30 days free trial period – that’s an extra month free!

Bulk Billing Option

You can have each client pay their own subscription or you can pay through your partner account. Either way you still receive the commission.

Our Partner Programme is really easy.  When you sign up we give you a referral code.  You can give this code to anyone for them to use when they create their own account.  When you create an account for your clients the referral code is applied automatically.  If you want other staff members in your organisation to be able to create organisations using your referral code (and let them choose the group billing option) just flick us an email and we will add them.

You need to have at least three paying organisations within three months or your referral code will be cancelled.  When you sign up we will send you full details of how the programme works.  You can find our Partner Terms & Conditions here.  We collect your credit card details when you receive your referral code so that we can bill any Partner Account charges.  We only authenticate the card at this stage – no charges are ever made unless you have subscriptions in your partner account.

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