We believe in simple and understandable agreements.  Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use should be read in conjunction with this page.  This page contains plain English statements that outline the nature of our relationship and our mutual rights and responsibilities, with respect to referral partners.  By submitting a request for a referral code you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use contained on this page.

Us, we, uCollect or similar terms refer to Business Express Technologies Inc.
The software, uCollect, service or similar terms refer to the web service hosted at ucollect.biz.
You, the Referrer, the Partner or similar terms refer to the referral partner and includes any person authorized by you to create accounts on your partner account.
The user, organisation or similar terms refer to the user of the service and the organisations/entities that they represent and/or use the service on behalf of.  This includes the owners or managers of the organisation, even if they are not users of the service.

Partner Program Terms of Use

Our Partner Program (also known as the Referral Program) allows authorized partners to receive a commission for subscriptions created with their partner referral code and to have multiple uCollect subscriptions billed on a central account.  Partners may bundle uCollect subscriptions with other services and charge their client directly.

Offering Referral Codes

You may offer your referral codes to your clients in any reasonable manner.  However, you may not publish your referral code in a mass-market publication, flyer, website or email in a manner that people without a connection to you may use it.  It should never be posted on a public website.  Please be advised that prices may change at any time, and uCollect charges based on it’s pricing and discount terms applicable at the time the account is created.  We are not bound to honour any price or conditions you advertise.

Referral Commissions

When a uCollect account is created there is a field for Referral Code.  If your code is entered when the account is created then you receive a commission on the successful billing of the account on anniversary of the account creation date for the life of the account (unless the referral code is removed or revoked).  Commissions will be credited to your Partner Account.  You do not need to create the account yourself, but if you (or any authorized staff member) do then the referral code will automatically be added.  If the subscription billing subsequently fails or is reversed for any reason an adjustment to the commission will be made.  The referral code will be removed if requested by the Organisation (the validity and acceptance of the request is at our sole discretion) or if you fail to meet the terms of the Partner Program.  If someone else creates an organisation and uses your Referral Code you will have no rights to that organisation unless you are invited into it by an Administrator.

Billing on Account

As a Partner you have the option to set an organisation to be billed to your Partner Account.  Once activated, any credit card attached to the organisation will be ignored and the subscription fee will be charged to the Partner Account instead.  To activate this option you (or an authorized staff member) must change the Billing Method to Partner Account.  This is done in the account creation wizard or the Edit Organisation screen.  Once activated you will be responsible for paying the subscription fee for this organisation until you deactivate this option or the uCollect organisation is deleted.  For your protection only you and your authorized staff have access to this option and must be an Administrator on the account.

Maintaining Your Partner Account

In order to maintain your partner account and your referral code you need to ensure that you have at least three active referred organisations at all times.  We give you a three month grace period from the time your referral account is created.  If your account has less than the required number of referred organisations we reserve the right to delete your referral account and forfeit any commissions.  Any on-account organisations will revert to direct credit card billing and your referral account will be deleted.  We are unable to reinstate your referral code and forfeited or future commissions.

Settlement of Your Partner Account

We do not pay out referral commissions.  They must be used to fund on-account subscriptions.  On the first day of the month we will email you a statement of account for the previous month.  If you partner account is overdrawn we will charge your credit card for the balance owing.

If your Partner Account settlement is not properly completed on schedule we will send you a reminder email.  We will continue to attempt to settle your account every day and send you an email.  If after seven days your Partner Account has not been successfully settled we will send an email to all users of your on-account organisations giving them the option to take over the account.  If no one takes up this option and your partner account is still unsettled on the 14th day then your partner account and all on-account organisations will be irrevocably deleted.  We are unable to reinstate deleted accounts, your referral code or forfeited or future commissions.

Adding Additional  Authorized Users

You may nominate other staff members to be authorized to set the on-account billing flag.  To authorize a staff member please invite them into an organisation as an Administrator and then email us with your referral code their email address.  We will then load your referral code onto their login and they will be able to switch billing methods.  Their actions will be binding on your Partner account as if you had done them.  Additional authorized users must share your business domain name in their email address.

Ownership of Subscription and Dispute Resolution

The subscription belongs to the organisation regardless of who created the uCollect account or pays for the subscription.  In the event that one of your on-account organisations requests that we transfer the subscription to their control and/or add them in as an administrator to the account we will initiate our Dispute Resolution process.  There is a $50 fee for this process which is payable by the initiator.  In the Dispute Resolution Process we will:

  • ensure that the initiator has taken all reasonable steps to resolve the dispute with you prior to initiating our process
  • attempt to contact you to ascertain your position and hear all sides to the dispute
  • negotiate a resolution that both parties are happy with
  • If we are unable to come to an amicable resolution, or if one party is not cooperating in the process, we will make a decision.

Our decision on the dispute is final.  As a Partner you agree not to take any form of legal action against us in relation to a dispute.

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