02 May 2019

New Menus

We have updated our menus to make them more intuitive and added some new options. Some things haven’t changed: Our main screen is still the Search Contacts option, and this is still it’s own item on the root menu Clicking on your organisation name will show you a list of the organisations you have access to and let you...

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12 Apr 2019

Stripe ACH now available in uCollect

We are pleased to announce that our Stripe integration now supports ACH Bank Account Debits for US users. If you have a US-based Stripe account you do not need to do anything extra in Stripe to activate this option. But in uCollect you need to install the Stripe ACH gateway, which is separate from the Stripe Credit Card gateway....

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07 Mar 2019

Changes to the Add/Edit Contact and Invoice list

We’ve just released our updated Contact an Invoice dialog box. What was previously two separate dialogs (one for the contact and one for the invoice) has now been combined into one tabbed dialog so that you can more easily move between the data you need to manage for each contact. Plus, we have also added a history tab, so...

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29 Nov 2018

Changes to our invoice processing rules

In order to protect you from accidentally double-collecting any of your customer’s invoices (this can easily happen if a payment is removed from the accounting records and not re-created immediately) we have now implemented two new tests to detect and prevent us from collecting an invoice more than once. If we have previously made a successful collection on the...

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29 May 2018

Stripe Updates

We recently released an update to our Stripe integration.  While the changes are generally invisible to the user they do help improve security and the sign-up process.  We are now using Stripe Connect to authenticate your Stripe Account (rather than the old method of having to locate your API keys) as well as stripe.js which is a more secure...

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01 Dec 2017

2017 updates

So from our blog posts it looks like we’ve been doing nothing all year.  But this is not really true.  We have been lots behind the scenes but none of it has been major releases or news worthy, so we haven’t bothered posting about it.  In the past year our development team has moved to a new coding platform,...

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14 Jul 2017

New Direct Debit and CC option for Australia

We are pleased to announce that our newest gateway integration adds another Direct Debit option for Australian users with very affordable rates.  Mint Payments is an API-based (no CSV files to upload) gateway through NAB.  Their fees are very reasonable.  Mint Payments is our recommended Direct Debit provider for Australian users.  They also have credit card processing available for...

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05 Nov 2015

Invite Feature

We’re pleased to announce Release 1.5 of uCollect with the new Invitation feature. Now you can send an invitation to a contact to have them sign-up for pre-authorized collection. They can’t just pay one invoice and stop. You can select which gateway(s) you invite them to use (if you have more than one) and you don’t even need an...

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08 Oct 2015

Google Chrome Extension Released

Now you can see the uCollect status of your Xero invoices and contacts right from within Xero! You need to be using Google Chrome as your browser for this feature to work. You can install it (at no cost) from the Google Chrome store by searching for “ucollect”. Once installed, the extension will display the invoice or contact status...

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12 Mar 2015

Release 1.3

We’ve spent the last few weeks working on the next major piece of functionality for uCollect.  And now it is available to everyone.  In addition to a few small fixes and tweaks we have released the following functionality changes: Pay Now (Payment Services) integration with Xero Calculating commission on settlement Ability to sign in using a simple click and...

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