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Cool Features to Boost Your Cash Flow

Collect on the Invoice Due Date Automatically

No need to set up collection in advance – uCollect will automatically initiate the collection

Direct Communication with Gateway

We talk direct to your payment gateway through the internet (if supported by gateway)

Utilize PayNow Payment Service

Let your customers sign up for automatic charging right from the Xero/Quickbooks invoice’s Pay Now feature

Create Installment Plans

Create an installment plan for any invoice or an automatic payment plan for any customer to spread the collection

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Effortless Invoice Collection for Xero & Quickbooks Online


Xero and Quickbooks

Integrates with Xero and Quickbooks to provide real-time access to your invoice status. Payments are collected based on the invoice data in your accounting system with no duplication of data or sync problems. Always using the most current data and posting payments back to the accounting system for easy reconciliation.

Flexible and Automated

Allow flexible automated credit card, direct debit/ACH payments triggered by your invoices. Powerful options include installments, reminders, receipts and ability to charge a service fee to your customer if you want. Run payments automatically each day, or manually - you choose.

Completely Safe

Your data is stored securely and we never have access to your money. We simply act as a middle-man between you and your payment processor. All card data is tokenized and store according to PCI standards with your payment processor, not us. We only store the token and the minimal amount of data needed.

Fast Setup

All you need is your Xero or QBO ledger, an approved Payment Gateway. and uCollect can be up and running in minutes – putting you completely in charge of your cash flow. Don't have a current Payment Gateway - we've got some recommendations for you. And if you need help, our support team will be happy to assist you get setup.

Getting your cash flowing with uCollect is as easy as 1-2-3

How it Works​

Tell uCollect what clients to collect payments from

Now you just sit back and relax! Every day we log into your Xero or Quickbooks ledger and see if there are any invoices due for collection for the contacts you have authorised. If there are we send the collection request straight to the payment processor via a secure internet connection. If the payment processor does not allow a direct connection then there are a few extra steps. It’s all pretty effortless!

Automate your invoice collection

About us

Automate your invoice collection with ACH/Direct Debits and Credit Card Charges. In many cases you can use your existing merchant account, debit processor or bank account.

Our list of answers to common questions.

So how much do this all cost ?

uCollect helps you automate the collection of invoices through pre-authorized credit card and ACH/Direct Debit charges. Get paid automatically, regardless of the amount or frequency of your invoices.

Fully integrated with Xero and Quickbooks  we avoid those annoying synchronization processes and errors. Once you have set up your contact’s payment profile in one of our integrated gateways (including Stripe, Forte, ABA file, Windcave, Netcash,, SEPA files and NZ bank file formats) we will automatically initiate collection through the gateway on the due date of the invoice.

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