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Payment Reminders

We’ve always said that your customers should never be surprised by a payment being deducted from their account. You should be sending invoices to your clients. To help remind your customers of their upcoming payments we have introduced an optional Payment Reminders feature.

When activated, uCollect will send a reminder to your customers a set number of days before their due date so that when you initiate the debit to their account they will be less surprised. Our Reminders feature will enforce the buffer time so that if a customer is set for reminders no payment will be initiated without sending a reminder the set number of days in advance.

For more information check out our support article on Payment Reminders.

CategoriesFeatures Release Notes

Improvements to Email Deliverability

As any Software As A Service provider will tell you, email deliverability is a huge problem.  Because we send the same email text to many people our messages frequently get classified as SPAM.  This usually gets better once the user has sent us an email as their email system recognizes that they are a trusted contact, but it’s still an annoying problem.  This is even worse when we send messages to your customers on your behalf for invitations or failure notifications.

We have been working on this for the last few months and in our latest update we have taken steps to improve our email deliverability.

Messages that we send to your customers (invitation and payment failure notices) can now be sent directly from your own email account (not via our server or account) through your Google or Outlook account, or by using your SMTP settings.  This means that the message comes direct from you, and all replies go to you, with none of the third-party sender flags that can cause SPAM scores to rise.  You can set this up in the Email Configuration section of the Edit, Organisation Settings page.  Simply choose the method you want, authorise Google or Outlook, or enter your SMTP Settings and you’re done!


Automatic Payments

Our Installments feature is a great tool to help you quickly and easily change the payment date or split the payment over multiple dates for a single invoice.  But when you need to do this across multiple invoices it can be a bit cumbersome.  Our Automatic Payment feature allows you to specify a set amount on a frequency, and uCollect will collect this amount and apply it to the oldest eligible invoice first.  Now you get to stay in complete control of the payment process, with much less effort.

Check out our Automatic Payments help article for the full details.


Filter your collections

When we designed uCollect we made it a “set and forget” system where once you setup a customer for automatic collection we would attempt to collect ALL invoices for that customer. You couldn’t pick and choose which invoices to be collected. But lately we’ve got feedback that our users want to collect some invoices automatically and not others. Frankly – we just don’t understand that – once you’ve got a customer used to the idea that you’re going to take the funds from their account why not just go all the way and do it for every invoice? Hut hey, we’re not every business! Different strokes for different folk, as they say.

So now, you can create “filters” that tell uCollect which invoices to collect. You do this by specifying a criteria, such as account number, amount, Xero Branding Theme, Invoice number or reference prefix or QBO custom field value. Once set, invoices that don’t meet the filter criteria will be ignored.

Check out our support article for all the details – or type “filters” in the help beacon on the side of the page.

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