Are you getting paid during the lockdown?

A lot of businesses are shut right now with staff at home. I’ve heard it said that the people that get paid are the ones that scream the loudest. But that’s not true! The people that get paid are the ones who have been given permission to take the money out of their customer’s bank accounts.

uCollect might as well advertise itself as an “essential” service! If you’re business has been hit with an increase in unpaid invoices due to the lockdown, then it’s time to look at automating your collections so that you’re not the one on the sidewalk begging for funds!


Partial Payments

Everything that we do here at uCollect is designed to get you paid in full without effort. So even though we support Pay Now transactions, we still prefer to get your customers sign up for automatic collection. Accepting less than the amount due, unless you’ve agreed to an automated payment plan, doesn’t meet that objective!

However, we’ve received feedback from several clients that accepting partial payments on the Pay Now page is desirable. So, to that end, we have released our Partial Payments feature.

This is completely optional, and by default it is off. But if you want, you can enable Partial Payments from the Organisation Settings (Edit menu).

Checking this box will enable Partial Payments in your Pay Now screen.

This setting has no effect on your automated payment cycle – this will continue to collect the amount due or the installment amount as always.

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