Cool Features to Boost Your Cash Flow

Collect on the Invoice Due Date Automatically

No need to set up collection in advance – uCollect will automatically initiate the collection

Control your Processing Timing

You can set the number of days in advance and the time of day that payments are processed

Mark Invoice as Paid

Automatically records the invoice as paid once the payment has been initiated

Utilize PayNow Payment Service

Let your customers sign up for automatic charging right from the Xero invoice’s Pay Now feature

See status in Xero

See uCollect status in your Xero ledger using our Google Chrome Extension

Connect Directly to Your Accounting Ledger

Once it is setup you can relax, knowing that whenever an invoice is due uCollect will initiate the payment.  No syncing required!

Direct Communication with Gateway

We talk direct to your payment gateway through the internet (if supported by gateway)

Suspend Invoices/Contacts

Exclude any contact or invoice from collection without effecting others

Calculate Settlement Fees

Automatically post the commission/fees deducted from your settlement amount for easier reconciliation

Pass Fees on to Customers

Add a service fee to your customers to cover credit card commissions

Multi Factor Authentication

Organisation owners can require that users setup Multi Factor Authentication to access their uCollect data. Google and Microsoft authenticators are supported.

Use More Than One Collection Gateway

Simply mark each contact with the gateway to collect through and head off to the cafe to relax!


We use SSL and encrypt sensitive data in our database. We don’t store bank account details on our system.

Create Installment Plans

Create an installment plan for any invoice or an automatic payment plan for any customer to spread the collection

Sign in with your Google+, Xero or Intuit account

Easy one-click sign in using your Google+, Xero or Intuit account

Send Invitation

Invite a customer to securely complete their banking details for automatic collection.

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