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New Menus

We have updated our menus to make them more intuitive and added some new options.

Some things haven’t changed:

  • Our main screen is still the Search Contacts option, and this is still it’s own item on the root menu
  • Clicking on your organisation name will show you a list of the organisations you have access to and let you add a new one
  • Logout will still do just that!

There have been no other changes to the way things work – they are just in a new place. The most significant change is that the Collection History screen is now under the Reports menu and the Process Now function is now under the Actions menu.

Here’s a run down of the other menu options:


  • User Profile – change your user name, email address or password
  • Organsation Settings – available to admin users only – change your organisation settings, billing options, users and gateways


  • Process Now – activates the collection routine now – was previously on the Collection History screen (same as the Generate Now button)
  • Reload Data – reloads data from the accounting system – was previously on the Search Contacts page


  • Collection History – view the past collection batches and drill into the batch detail
  • Installments – see a list of upcoming installments (was previously underneath the Collection History table)


  • Help for this page
  • Knowledge Base
  • Contact Us

We know that any navigational change can be disorienting at first, but bear with us. It will become second nature in no time. This change in menus prepares us for some new options coming soon!


Stripe ACH now available in uCollect

We are pleased to announce that our Stripe integration now supports ACH Bank Account Debits for US users.

If you have a US-based Stripe account you do not need to do anything extra in Stripe to activate this option. But in uCollect you need to install the Stripe ACH gateway, which is separate from the Stripe Credit Card gateway.

There are a couple of nuances to the Stripe ACH operation that you need to know:

  • Your customer must verify their bank account. When they (or you) set up their bank account Stripe will make two small deposits into their account of a few cents each. We will send them an email so that they can respond once these show up (can take a couple of days). Once they have submitted these two amounts back to us Stripe will verify the account and make it available. We can’t process any payments until the account has been verified.
  • If your customer fails to verify their account within 14 days we will cancel the process and they will have to start it again.
  • Stripe ACH is not available for Pay Now one-off transactions.
  • Stripes fees are 0.8% per transaction, with a cap of $5. It’s great for casual payments, but gets expensive if you’re doing lots – get cheaper rates with no account verification with our Forte integration
  • Our “Calculate Commission on Settlement” feature currently does not allow for the $5 fee cap.
  • Stripe ACH is only available within the US to US account holders.

See our full Stripe ACH help page for more details.

CategoriesRelease Notes

Changes to the Add/Edit Contact and Invoice list

We’ve just released our updated Contact an Invoice dialog box. What was previously two separate dialogs (one for the contact and one for the invoice) has now been combined into one tabbed dialog so that you can more easily move between the data you need to manage for each contact.

Plus, we have also added a history tab, so you can see the collection history for each contact in one easy place – something that you couldn’t do before.

We’ve also added a nifty variation to the suspend setting. Rather than just having the contact suspended or not suspended, you can now choose “Installments only.” This allows you to suspend automatic collection on all invoices unless an installment has been created for the contact. This gives you a bit more control.

We have more changes to come in this space, so if you have any feedback on how it works please contact support.

So here’s a quick run down of each tab:


Shows read-only details from your contact settings in the accounting system, allows you to store a comment, and sets the collection status for the contact to one of the following:

  • Automatic – all invoices will be collected when the automatic routine or Process Now is run.
  • Suspend – no invoices will be collected for this contact
  • Installments Only – only invoices with an installment plan established (can be a single installment) will be collected – all others will be ignored.


This tab holds all the data about how payments will be processed. This is where you assign the contact to a gateway and make the gateway-specific settings. Some gateways allow additional information to be included. You can use “[Contact]” (without the quotes) to include the contact’s name and “[Invoice]” to include the invoice number (if there is more than one we will add ” etc” after the first one. Some gateways have limits on the number of characters here so if you get errors you may need to keep this shorter.

If this is a credit card gateway you will be able to add the card information here, choose from a list of existing contacts or manually enter the customer reference from your gateway (not all gateways offer this option).

Also on this tab you can tell uCollect whether to combine invoices into a single payment or keep them separate. The default is set in the gateway definition, but you can change it for each contact here.

Finally, you can remove the gateway assignment by clicking “Remove uCollect Data.” Once confirmed uCollect will no longer monitor this contact and no contact data is retained by uCollect.


This tab will list all unpaid invoices from the accounting system. On this tab you can suspend or un-suspend any individual invoice or add installments to any invoice.

When adding installments you need to choose a date and an amount for each installment. You can remove an installment by changing the amount to zero. While there is no minimum or maximum number of installments, you can only save the installment plan if the total of the installments agrees with the amount due (or is zero).


The History tab allows you to see recent transactions for this contact. By default the last 3 months activity is shown, paginated if the list is too long. But you can use the date pickers to change the date range. You can click on the Batch Number to see the whole batch which may give more useful information.

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