Filter your collections

When we designed uCollect we made it a “set and forget” system where once you setup a customer for automatic collection we would attempt to collect ALL invoices for that customer. You couldn’t pick and choose which invoices to be collected. But lately we’ve got feedback that our users want to collect some invoices automatically and not others. Frankly – we just don’t understand that – once you’ve got a customer used to the idea that you’re going to take the funds from their account why not just go all the way and do it for every invoice? Hut hey, we’re not every business! Different strokes for different folk, as they say.

So now, you can create “filters” that tell uCollect which invoices to collect. You do this by specifying a criteria, such as account number, amount, Xero Branding Theme, Invoice number or reference prefix or QBO custom field value. Once set, invoices that don’t meet the filter criteria will be ignored.

Check out our support article for all the details – or type “filters” in the help beacon on the side of the page.


Network Merchants (NMI) Gateway

We’re please to release a new gateway offering using Network Merchants. NMI is an integrator that provides access to many smaller merchant facilities around the world. If your preferred merchant facility is not listed in our normal list we MAY be able to provide access through NMI. Please contact uCollect Support with the name of your preferred gateway and the country of your merchant facility and we will advise you if it is available through NMI.


Ezypay Direct Debit and Credit Cards

Ezypay is a multi-award winning FinTech company and one of Australia’s leading subscription payment providers. Ezypay currently processes payments in 9 countries across the Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Thailand) and is continually expanding. Direct Debit processing is also available in Australia and New Zealand. For full instructions on setting up uCollect and Ezypay click here. If you’re not yet an Ezypay customer please visit this page and click on the appropriate country link at the bottom to create your account first. If you are already using Ezypay please contact Evan at Ezypay to get your account activated for uCollect.


Multi Factor Authentication

Today we’re pleased to release Multi-Factor Authentication to improve security for your organisation and client data.

Users can add Multi Factor Authentication using the Google or Microsoft Authentication apps to create a more secure login process. Once activated you will be prompted for an authenticator challenge code each time you log in (you can be remembered for up to 30 days pm a single device if you want).

To further increase security, organisation administrators can enforce Multi Factor Authentication for their organisation requiring all users to set up and be authenticated prior to gaining access to the organisation and client data.

If a user looses their authentication device (such as when a phone is lost or replaced) their Organisation administrator or uCollect Support (with proper proof of identity) can reset their MFA setting.

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