Installment Plans

There are times when you just need one invoice but need to collect that invoice over several installments.  So we’ve made it easy to be able to break down an invoice into smaller collections.  From the Invoice list you can easily add a payment plan.  This must total to the outstanding invoice amount before you can submit it.  From now on uCollect will ignore the invoice due date and will collect the installment amounts on the specified dates.   Each time we process the installment we double-check to make sure that the invoice is still unpaid (just in case you have processed a credit note or manual payment) and will collect the lower of the invoice amount outstanding or the installment amount.

Please note that installments override suspensions, so if you are suspending a contact with installments you will need to remove the installment plan.


Suspend Contact

Even your best clients can hit a cash flow crunch.  Every now and then you need to suspend collections for a particular client at their request.  Now in uCollect you can easily and quickly mark a contact as suspended without having to delete any of the gateway data you are storing for them.  Then, when they are ready to resume automated collection you simply un-suspend them and uCollect will resume collections.  It’s all available from the Edit Contact screen.

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