19 Jan 2015

Improvements to the way we handle Upload types

January 19, 2015No commentsFeatures

In release 1.1 we have significantly improved the way to manage Upload (CSV, ABA, SEPA) file management.  Previously when we detected that a collection was due we sent you an email and marked the invoice as paid (in anticipation).  However, if you forgot to download the file and upload it to your bank we didn’t chase you for it...

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19 Jan 2015

Release 1.1

We are please to announce Release 1.1 of uCollect.  In this release we include a few minor bug fixes and tweaks.  The major changes that we have included in this release are: improvements in the way we handle Upload interface types (such as CSV or ABA files) Integration with Stripe SEPA Direct-Debits

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11 Dec 2014

Live Chat feature now enabled

December 11, 2014No commentsFeatures

The problem for low-cost SaaS solutions like ours is that phone-in support is incredibly expensive to maintain.  So we have decided that a Live Chat feature would be ideal.  We have chose the Pure Chat tool for it’s flexibility, multi-agent option and price.  Now you can reach a live agent from both the main website and from within the...

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01 Dec 2014

EziDebit has our best integration level

December 01, 2014No commentsGateways

EziDebit is one of New Zealand and Australia’s leading third-party provider of Direct Debit and Credit Card processing.  They were our first choice to provide a non-bank interface for automated collection of Direct Debit transactions.  Many small businesses can’t get approved as Direct Debit initiators or on-line Credit Card merchants through the regular banks and EziDebit provides an affordable...

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30 Nov 2014

Australian ABA file

November 30, 2014No commentsGateways

Most banks in Australia allow approved customers to initiate Direct Debits using an industry-standard file format called the “Australian Banking Association” file format (or ABA file).  This file is not a comma separated file (CSV) like NZ banks mostly use – it is a fixed length file format which takes a bit more effort to create than a CSV...

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29 Nov 2014

Welcome to uCollect

We are pleased to announce that uCollect is now available for Beta customers.  It is by “invitation only” at this stage – so just fillin the contact us form and we will send you an email invite if you are qualified. The Release 1.0 version of uCollect contains most of our core Xero integration that we expect, including all...

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