In release 1.1 we have significantly improved the way to manage Upload (CSV, ABA, SEPA) file management.  Previously when we detected that a collection was due we sent you an email and marked the invoice as paid (in anticipation).  However, if you forgot to download the file and upload it to your bank we didn’t chase you for it (as we now believed that it was paid) – and it could take you weeks to realise that there was a stale collection request.

So now we do not mark the invoice as paid until you have actually downloaded the file from us.  If you don’t respond to the email, we keep emailing you every day until you download the file (yes, we’re just like that nagging grandmother).  Of course, uploading the file is still your responsibility (that’s why we prefer the Direct approach so much better – but the banks do not allow this) – we can lead a horse to water, but we can’t make you drink!

If you are doing Direct Debits in NZ or AU using trading banks, you may want to consider using EziDebit or some of the other third-party services (we will have more coming online over the next few months) as these have direct connections that do not require any interaction from you to process the collection request.

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