Effortless Invoice Collection for Xero & Quickbooks Online

Xero and Quickbooks are great tools for managing your business and sending invoices to your client. But you still rely on your clients to pay your invoices – and if they don’t feel like it, you just have to wait.  And while both accounting platforms offer pay now and even semi-automated payments, the service fees are high with little choice!

If you wanted to allow flexible automated credit card, direct debit/ACH payments triggered by your invoices – you were stuck with the expensive options built into Xero or Quickbooks Online. Until Now. uCollect collects YOUR money straight from your client’s credit card or bank account (with their prior agreement and through a third party payment processor) based on the due date on your invoice. It’s cheap, quick and easy.

All you need is your Xero or QBO ledger, an approved Payment Gateway (click here for more details) and uCollect can be up and running in minutes – putting you completely in charge of your cash flow.  And it’s completely safe – uCollect never touches your money!  We simply act as the middle-man between you and your payment processor saving you time and stress.  Prices for ACH are as low as 30c per transaction!

How it works

Getting your cash flowing with uCollect is as easy as 1-2-3


Connect your uCollect account to your Xero or QBO Ledger


Connect your uCollect account to your approved payment gateway


Tell uCollect what clients to collect payments from

Now you just sit back and relax!  Every day we log into your Xero ledger and see if there are any invoices due for collection for the contacts you have authorised.  If there are we send the collection request straight to the payment processor via a secure internet connection.  If the payment processor does not allow a direct connection then there are a few extra steps.  It’s all pretty effortless!


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So how much does it all cost?

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