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Site Navigation

From anywhere in the site you will see the main navigation bar. You can click on all elements of the navigation bar as follows:

Welcome: Your Name: This will take you to your Personal Profile page.

Organisation Name: This will drop down a list of all the organisations that you have access to. You can click on an organisation name to be taken to that organisation. You can click on “Add Organisation” to create a whole new organisation.

Edit Organisation: This will take you to the Edit Organisation screen where you can change all the organisation settings, manage your subscription and add/edit/remove Payment Gateways.

Search Contacts: This will take you to the Search Contacts main screen where you can assign contacts to Payment Gateways.

Collection History: This will take you to the Collection History screen where you can see your recent collection history and details.

Contact Us: This screen will allow you to send us an email with questions or other feedback. We love to hear from you.

Logout: This will log you out of uCollect.

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