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Using Multiple Currencies

uCollect does NOT officially support the use of multiple currencies

uCollect will work with any currency, and even with multiple currencies, but there are some limitations that can cause serious problems if not managed properly.  We are working to address all of these in time.  Therefore we currently do not officially support multiple currencies.  The limitations include:

  • Use of $ sign instead of local currency symbols (we put the currency code, e.g., EUR, on the Pay Now screen, but all other screens just show $).
  • No currency check when a transaction is processed through a gateway.  Most gateways do not have a currency code parameter.  This means that if your gateway processes in CAD and you send a USD500 payment through it then you will receive CAD500.
  • Xero cannot process a payment for a different currency than the Xero bank account is set to.  If you try Xero will reject it and the invoice will show as unpaid.  This could result in the invoice being collected multiple times.  We do try to suspend the invoice in uCollect to prevent this.

So if you need to use multiple-currencies please realize that you do this at your own risk.  Fees will apply if you need us to fix errors that arise.  Here is how to setup uCollect and Xero to make multi-currency the most efficient:

  1. Make sure that you have separate Xero bank accounts for each gateway currency you invoice in.  For example, if you send invoices in USD and CAD through Stripe, you should create a Stripe Clearing account (Xero bank account) for each of these two currencies.
  2. Setup a new instance of the gateway in uCollect for each currency.  Make sure that you mark the Pay Now title of each one with the currency (e.g., “Credit Card (USD only)” and “Credit Card (CAD only)” and choose the correct Xero clearing account.
  3. If your merchant account automatically converts currencies to your base currency you will have to manually manage this in Xero.  This is usually easiest done in total for each settlement amount.  Calculate the billing currency total, and the base currency total, and then create a transfer record in Xero from the billing currency clearing account to the base currency clearing account.  For example: If you have invoiced USD1000 that Stripe has auto-converted to CAD1400 you would need to set up a transfer from the USD Stripe clearing account to the CAD Stripe Clearing account.

Watch the video walk through below.